Applying for a CASA UAV Operator’s Certificate?

UAV Operators Certificate

Please visit our UAVSMS.COM.AU website for a comprehensive overview of the UAV Operator Certificate services we can offer. 

The process of applying for your UAV Operator’s Certificate (OC) can be overwhelming in the beginning. Especially if you don’t have an aviation background and are considering to use a UAV or drone in a commercial capacity such as aerial photography, low level aerial mapping.

CASA is actively working on making the rules clear and providing guidelines to help potential operators navigate the process but we understand that sometimes it helps to have a ‘team member’ that works with you to navigate the forest of regulations and manuals.

Aerosdb is able to support you in each of the following UAV OC application steps. We don’t just give you a bunch of templates and walk away leaving you to complete them on your own. We develop the UAV operation manuals with your collaboration to ensure you have a working knowledge of the content and regulations. 

Our clients often say “you are like a coach” which is good to hear as we love to enable others to enjoy safe aviation activities.

The following points are the main activities you will need to follow to successfully lodge your UAV OC application.

UAV : Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Also known as a drone.

UAS : Unmanned Aircraft System

You can get a copy of the CASA UAV OC Application form 041 here